Celebrating St. Patty's Day and improvements to our fabulous website!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ah, it's been awhile since I've posted...well, in fact it's been since Valentines Day. We've been doing lots of improvements and updates to our fabulous online boutique!! Since St. Patty's Day will be coming up soon we decided to GREEN up our website! and offer a little special something....by offering a fabulous "Lucky Girl" 8 oz. Mint Scrub for FREE with any $50 order!!!

OH, my! Can't you just smell the minty fabulousness of it all? Divine peppermint and spearmint oils mixed with nourishing oils and exfoliants! Wouldn't you like to own you're very own Lucky Girl Mint Scrub? But hurry because they're a limited edition product and will soon be gone!...

On to the updates! We decided to take down the SPA collection but....we have put a totally retro and ultra fabulous new collection to take it's place called BEACH BUNNY! We've moved over our Goddess Milk Bath and the Figi Scrub with the addition of a new goodie previously highlighted in our last post. Maui Mango Papaya....oh, my this is lovely! Check it out....

We've also added in our Frou Frou Fancies Collection a very sweet & cheeky milk bath soak! This is my fav right now and it smells soooo good!! In fact, I'm sniffing some of it now....creamy milk, honey and oats....oh my! Check that out here...

That's all we've updated so far! But boy, oh, boy do we have more in store for our favorite gals and guys!! :) Let us know what you think about our updates and as always we love to hear from you with any suggestions for the site, product requests, scent requests and more!

Till later kisses!


  1. Oooooo! Pinch me! LOL
    (I'm not wearing green) LOL

  2. Such exciting news! I'm glad your store isn't right down the street from me, because if it was I'd be practically living there just so I could smell the products everyday...lol. Do you have a shop opened somewhere or are you only online? ;)

    Hope all is well...keep up the great work, dear!


  3. Great retro images....but they pale in comparison to your products!!

  4. You gals are sooo sweet!!!

    Lol, no shop as of yet, but if we did have one it sure would smell delicious!! Especially with that new sweet and cheeky milk bath! It's so heady and yummy smelling! I could soak in a bathtub full of that luscious milk yumminess all day long...lol..

    Thanks Tammy! Keep enjoying your goodies!

  5. i want that green swimsuit! Its adorable.

  6. You and me both Raquel! That's one of the reasons I love that image soooo much!!

  7. Your website looks great by the way, I just checked it out! Glad I stumbled onto it!!!