Celebrate Easter MB Style!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

As you may have already noticed our site has been taken over by the Easter chicks...those little peeps love our goodies and aren't shy about letting everyone know! lol....

For our current special we've decided to give away a FREE Belgian Chocolate Bar....of SOAP that is with every order! So yummy and delicious! But as always don't eat it...lol..it's for sudzing up with in the shower or bath!

So lately I think I've been bitten by the cooking bug....I've been making some goodies and I thought I'd share a recipe or two with all you peeps out there. I love nachos....anything with cheese on it I'll eat! lol...but for some reason I've never been able to make them myself. I've always gotten the wrong type of cheese that never melted or the wrong type of seasoning mix, but recently I decided to make up a batch and found some new ingredients that just rock! So here's my recipe for....

"Super Fabulous Party Nachos MB Style"!

Tortilla Chips -Bag
Ground beef - 2 lbs or smaller
Sour creme - 1 container~although all will not be used
Chives -I like to use the chives that come in those snap packages ready to go
Refried Beans
McCormick's Cheesy Taco Seasoning Mix
Can of Diced Tomatoes - I like to use Hunts Petite Diced Tomatoes
Can of Elrio Mild Nacho Cheese

What's so nice is you can make a single serving or a whole big batch.

I start by browning the Ground Beef in a saute pan and throw in the seasoning mix. If you're making a small batch I would throw a dash of the seasoning mix in and taste when done to see if you need more. Stir that in until it's completely mixed and browned. The Seasoning mix I get is called a McCormick Cheesy Taco Seasoning Mix~ you can find that in the gravy aisle of your local supermarket. It has a really nice bite to it without being too hot and gives your ground meat that nice browned taco look.

Once that's been cooked, you can heat up your refried beans in a saute pan or you might even microwave it. Put to the side.

Next heat up your Nacho Cheese. Now, it took me awhile to find this but it's actually sold in a can in your taco aisle called Elrio Mexican Food and they have two types - original (which is super hot!) and mild which has a nice bite to it but won't burn the roof of your mouth off. I like the mild one myself. It's the perfect consistency, ready to go. Heat that up in the microwave following instructions on can or just zap it for 30 second increments until hot.

Now, it's time to plate them up. Grab a platter. Toss some tortilla chips on it. Spoon your beefy cheesy meat on it. Spoon some refried beans next on top of the meat. Drizzle your nacho cheese over all the chips and meat. Open your can of diced tomatoes and spoon some over. Next, comes the sour creme...delicious dollops of cool yumminess. Cut up some of the chives and sprinkle over. Viola! and you have Super Fabulous Party Nachos MB Style!

I hope you peeps enjoy this recipe....I know I am!! Be sure to stop at our site and say hi to those cute little chicks and let us know what you think of our Easter Theme....and while you're there pick up a goodie or two for yourselves....pamper time has arrived. Nothing better than some good food and sweet smelling bath products to start off a perfect girls night in.



  1. Those nachos are just perfect for a poolside soiree! Thanks so much for sharing ;)