Free goodies galore for Mother's Day! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, Mamma! As you may have noticed our website has been updated for Mother's Day! It's oh, so sweet and full of sunshine just for all you momma's out there. Be sure to visit our home, shop and specials page as those have all been updated.

You'll find that we have a gift set on our home page called the "Earth Mamma Mia Mandarin" Gift Set. This fabulous gift set celebrates Earth Day and contains a Mandarin (this is truly a sweet juicy citrus scent! Oh, so gooooood!! one of my favs!!) I smell Delicious Natural Perfume, a 8 oz Mandarin Organic Buttercreme, a Mandarin 8 oz Sea Salt Soak with Organic Sunflower Oil and a Mandarin Bath Mousse.

Plus, when you purchase this gift set a percentage of it will go to the "Waterkeeper Alliance" a organization set up to help keep the waterways of Mother Earth clean and pristine. Oh, snap!! you get to smell good and help the environment too!

If you check our specials page you'll see you can get FREE a slew of "You're My Sunshine" Citrus goodies every time you purchase MB goodies and if you sign up via our website to be a MB gal or guy you can get 10% off your first order!!

Very soon we'll be adding lip balms like "Carlotta Colada" Pina Coloda Lip Balm, "Beach Bunny Kisses" Cherry Berry Lip Balm as well as bringing on board our Belgian Chocolate Soap...can I get a yippieee?! lol...



  1. Mmm...pina colada sounds good!

  2. That sounds great and like a terrific gift too.

  3. Thank you for stopping by! Your products look deliciously wonderful. Mandarin and most any citrus scent are my favorites.

  4. Cute photo! I can't believe Mother's Day will be here next week! Time just flys. Love your blog! Daisy~

  5. I have to restate what other have said...I LOVE that pic!!!!
    How cute is that :) Sooo love your style :)