Calla Lilies are Blooming at Margarita Bloom!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter is coming up and here at Margarita Bloom.....we're planting our flowers 
a little early!! Calla Lilies are in full bloom here at MB!! This fabulous Massage 
Bar is made from Cocoa/Mango Butters & a slew of skin decadent oils!! 
Scented in divine Calla Lily you'll think you've got a bouquet of the flowers next to 
your nose at first sniff!!

Kisses! XOXO


  1. mmm... sounds (and probably smells) positively divine! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :-*

  2. Surprise! You've been chosen as one of the ten bloggers awarded The Beautiful Blogger award & can come pick it up at

  3. That sounds so good! Happy Easter ;)

  4. I love the packaging on these too. These would make great presents.