MB Glamorous Stockist: Enjoy Cupcakes

Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't know about you but I always enjoy a cupcake every now and then....and really who doesn't? The fluffy melt in your mouth cake and yummy sugary icing...it's a match made in heaven with your tummy. If you didn't already, you know we make the most realist and adorable cupcake soaps...called "Cupcake Love" Soaps shaped like sweet as can be cupcakes. {See pic below....those are SOAPS!}

We're talking about cupcakes today not just for the fun of it...although do you really need an excuse to talk or eat cupcakes for that matter? I don't think so! lol... We want to introduce you to one of our newest stockists..."Enjoy Cupcakes"....now could there be ANY better name than that when it comes to a cupcake business? Really? :D Psst...look below in the pics...can you see any MB goodies? I know I can!!! lol....

Located in California they have just about the cutest and most charming boutique and the most scrumptious cupcakes of the likes you've never seen before!! Isn't their shop the absolutely most retro cutest shop you've seen! I LOVE the color combo of blue and yellow...so vibrant! Can you imagine flavors like Citrus Sauvignon Blanc....Vanilla Mascarpone Chardonnay.......Rootbeer Float........Spiced Apple Beignet and sooo much more! 

We're thrilled and overjoyed to have some of our Bakery Collection goodies available at "Enjoy Cupcakes". So if you're in the area stop by, pick up some delish cupcakes for your tummy and some Margarita Bloom Bakery Collection goodies for your skin and let them know we sent ya!! It's a win win!! 

Tell us what's your favorite cupcake flavor and what kind of bakery fragrance would you just LOVE to have in our Bakery Collection...we love hearing feedback from our peeps!


  1. How adorable!! I simply cannot resist a cupcake, even one that's not edible! Lol Those are so yummy and fun!

  2. Love the cupcakes! They look so delicious!!