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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

                          Source: via Carol on Pinterest

The Beauty Doctor says it's time to do a little daydreaming about your dream bathroom! 

So you're trying to re-design your lovely bathroom but find you can't get past what color you want to go with. Cream? Yellow? Something dark? Red? Pink? Well, how about silver!! I know you're thinking silver...isn't that just grey? lol... Take this bathroom above....whites and silvers's simple, yet oh, so very opulent! Clean white walls, gorgeous wood floors and the most magnificent silver tub!!

 I'm really, really loving that's kind of giving it a fairy tale vibe, don't you think? I know I'd certainly feel like a fairy tale princess if I owned that lovely bath tub. *wink wink*

What's really cool (no pun intended!) about the color silver is it can one second be modern and sleek while on the other hand be opulent, ornate and classic. The color silver itself is actually associated with the moon, it's mysterious, calming, very sophisticated and glamorous! Mmm, all adjectives I'd want in my bathroom, thank you very much! 

And of course you'd need some pretty potions to go with this lovely bathroom....I'd suggest our "Moon Goddess" Potions in our Aphrodite's Heaven Collection...amber, ginger and seductive florals. Time to get your pampering on, peeps!!! Get to it! 

Happy Pampering!

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