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Sunday, April 14, 2013

So as well as being a beauty potion goddess...*wink wink* I also dabble a bit in the kitchen. Seems ever since I started to eat healthier, I've been cooking a lot more. Trying to replace my processed foods intake with healthier fresher foods like the veggies below. Aren't they gorgeous? So bright and colorful!! I'm addicted to those grape tomatoes I tell you, addicted!

Sorry for the quality of the pics...they could be SO much better. I need me a new camera STAT. lol..


It was temptation at first sight...as soon as I saw those yummy flatbreads I thought boy, that looks GOOD. I've got to get those. They're calling my name... so I skipped over to them and quickly grabbed two bags before anyone else could gobble them up. You never know who might be lurking in your grocery store waiting to buy all the flat breads. Hmm, that might be me. ...giggle...

Here's a few pics of what I whipped up. Just a basic flat bread sandwich with lots and lots of veggies, mozzarella, seasoned chicken, roasted tomatoes,  lettuce and sour creme! It was quite tasty & SO easy to make.  


The best part was warming up that yummy mouth watering flat bread. Just a couple seconds in the microwave & it was warm & so ready to be nibbled on or I'm sure you could toast it up in the frying pan too. Hmmm, something to try next time!

Did you know this about Flat Bread?
Flatbread was already known in Ancient Egypt and Sumer ("land of the civilized kings" or "native land"...Sumer was an ancient civilization and historical region in southern Mesopotamia.)  In ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) the Sumerians discovered that edible grains could be mashed into a paste and then baked/hardened into a flat bread.

Flour and water Flatbreads baked on a fire-heated rock have been a staple for much of humanity for the past 5,000 years. In Mexico it’s the tortilla; for the Scots it is oatcake; in India, chapatti; in China they call it po bin; the Amerindians made johnnycake; the Norwegians, flattbrod; in Ethiopia, injera; in Israel, matzoh. 

I just love eating healthier...it really gives you a sense of accomplishment to know you made what you're eating and that it's healthy for you and that it tastes good too. haha, it's got to taste good or you won't want to eat it and then what's the point! *wink* 

 Happy Nibbling!

pics via moi. info via wikipedia and american flatbread

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  1. Sandy@OohLaFrouFrouApril 14, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    Just left the following comment but not sure it went through, so here it is again:

    Hi lovely Regina! I've been so busy, can you tell? Seems time's just flying by these days. I, too, started eating healthier just a few days ago. Since we moved into our house last summer, I've been without a kitchen, as the list of all of the things we've had to do has been so long. Soon we'll be cracking up the front entry and laying new marble tile and then the kitchen work will begin. It's not a matter of hiring contractors, that would be too expensive, that's why it all takes so long, we do everything ourselves! Thankfully my husband is good at so many things. Anyway, back to healthy eating, it's only been a couple of days and I already feel better too. Amazing, huh? I too am trying to cut out almost all foods that are processed and eating naturally. It helps to stick to it when you feel so much better! Have a wonderful new week, sweet! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration