the perfect bum...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I do.
Do you? 
Part of being a Margarita Bloom girl is taking care 
of your body, as well as pampering it.
The perfect way to start your new exercise routine. 
Do Squats. Start with 15. Increase by 5 every week.
Soon you'll be doing 100 squats a day or more!
Squats target the lower part of your body, your legs,
 abdomen, lower back and let's not forget the bum. *wink* 

Plus, you'll look AWESOME in those HOT PINK shorts
 you've been wanting to get. *wink wink*
pic via tumblr


  1. YES! This is part of new workout plan I'm starting today! I'm a long way from those pink shorts, but I'll get there!

  2. Squats are amazing!! That's the spirit! First part of deciding to get fit is having a positive mind set and starting out with small baby steps. *wink* Keep me updated on your progress. I'd love to hear how it's going. *wink wink*