♡ Our Charmed I'm Sure Pumpkin Face Masque made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and spices. ♡

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey peeps, hope you're having a super gorgeous day. Here's our Product Spotlight on one of our loveliest of products. ♡ Our Charmed I'm Sure Pumpkin Face Masque made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and spices. ♡ Have you tried it yet? Take a peek at the new packaging and labels. We've revamped the pretty tubes and can I just say we're totally in love with them?! Oh, yes, we are. This sweet stuff smells ah-mazing...like real pumpkin. You could almost be tempted to eat it...almost! giggle...

♡ Pumpkin is a fabulous source of antioxidants &; enzymes that act like alpha hydroxy acids to smooth and exfoliate your skin brand new! *wink wink* Your skin will look radiant & glowy in now time at all. Not only that beauties Pumpkin contains B vitamins, riboflavin, salicylic acid, niacin, lactic & ascorbic acid. These wonder ingredients promote elasticity in your skin and prompt speedy healing for blemishes and the such. It's a wonderfully gorgeous product from the pretty packaging to the goodness on the inside of this lovely bottle. You totally need this peeps...take our word for it. 

And lookie here....a photo of what one of our customers ordered & they got our pumpkin masque! We LOVE getting in photos of our peeps stash of Margarita Bloom Products so if you have some, take a pic, send it to us and you may be featured up on here like the lovely Mariela. *wink*

You can get our pumpkin masque here: 
It retails for $18 ♡  www.margarita-bloom.com ♡ or just email us!! 


  1. super cute!!!


  2. wow!!! so cool :D

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  3. I bet this is good! I haven't had a pumpkin face mask in the longest. Love the packaging Regina. I plan on picking up some things from you later this year. It's been awhile.

    1. Sounds fabulous Kim! Looking forward to pampering you. :)