♡ My Favorite Spring Hair Trends ♡

Thursday, April 3, 2014

You know, I'm not sure I would actually call myself trendy. I love looking at all the trends that pop up from season to season but I don't always adhere strictly to trends. For example, bobs are in trend right now but I'm not so sure I would look good with short hair so that's a trend I'd stay away from myself but I think looks gorgeous on other peeps. Basically, I keep my eye on trends but go for what feels right for my look as you'll see below peeps.

Here are some of the trends that I'm loving!  First up...ultra straight hair by Chloe!! I've actually been on a quest to get super straight hair ever since a little perm fiasco when I was seven but don't worry you'll hear all about that in an upcoming post about my new Misikko Hana Elite Flat Iron. You'll want to read that one...that Flat iron is awesome!

Are flowers in your hair & pretty braids ever not a good thing? I think not! I ADORE Dolce&Gabanna already and these photos below just make me love them even more!! I mean, look at those pretty fleurs & the darling braids. That's pure magic.

Of course, rounding up my favs we have waves...I always love a pretty beachy wave! (Surfer Girls rock!), low ponies (so simply yet sophisticated and pretty) and pretty little bobs like Taylor's. It must be SO much easier to tame that mane what with it being short and all. I know my hair is a pain in the patootie to style but I do SO love long beachy CALI surfer girl hair! I just can't help it. *dimple*

Now, for me I kind of mixed trends and my own style below. Like I said, I LOVE straight hair and thanks to my Hana Elite Flat Iron I can now have healthy looking, ultra shiny straight hair like below. (Happy Dance!) but I also look fabulous with bangs so I just recently got them trimmed. I believe really, really short bangs are trending right now, but I look so much better with longer bangs so that's definitely not a trend I'd do.

Of course, I LOVE mermaid waves and what with my pretty @MotelRocks Gabby Sequin Dress on below it was just screaming for them to complete the look. Don't they look pretty?  What's your favorite spring trend for hair? Are you planning on doing up your hair like any of these pretty dos?
*Images from Vogue.com


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    1. I LOVE Taylor's style. Mine's pretty similar to hers...I don't think there's one outfit or hairstyle I don't love that she has rocked. Now, if only I had the fashion stylists that she has that could do up my hair and makeup at a moment's notice...giggle...