All up in the clouds from a thousand miles

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ah, head feels like it's up in the clouds and I don't ever want to come down. Which is why this song is PERFECT for today!! I hope you enjoy it beauty babes and dudes.

What do I have planned for next week? Well, we just sent out some awesome beauty newsletters. Hope you got them all right! If you're not signed up you can sign up here and get 10% off at our beauty shop. Yay!!

I'm currently looking at getting a new blog format for this blog, along with a new company blog that will be attached to our website! Any of you peeps have any recomendations for affordable blog templates? Let me know! I'm still looking. *wink* We're going to be working on tons of candles and coconut beauty products this week in the beauty lab and don't forget all orders until June 22 can get a FREE $26 lip tint in your order. No code required...just a fabulous pampering order! Happy Sunday!!!! Monday here we come. 

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