It's Friday people!! Let's get ready for the Weekend!!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hey Beauty Babes!! Another week, another Fabulous Friday and that means the weekend is here!! How I love the weekend, don't you? So MANY possibilities!!! It's been quite an eventful week. Here's what we've been up to!!

We're been working on pretty little orders. Like this darling little beauty treat below. Have you tried our Antoinette's Summer Palace Mud Masque? It smells like earthy roses and is awesome. It's a great little beauty treat for refining your pores, detoxing your skin, delivering tons of minerals and improving the look of your skin. Let us know if you try it!!  (via our beauty website and
Every once in awhile I indulge in a Starbucks Frappuccino ....I'm seriously addicted to this coffee. Starbucks forever.

I seem to have become fashion obsessed lately...I guess I'm just making up for lost time when I wasn't able to indulge in my newest obsession. I've actually always loved fashion...just when you can't get your jeans to fit properly and everything you try on doesn't fit or bulges it can be quite daunting, don't you think? I kind of gave up on clothes...and man, that's sad. Thankfully, that's not so anymore...especially if you follow me on my Facebook page you'll probably see copious amounts of cute dresses and outfits. *wink* So the kraken has been released and I'm going gaga for pretty clothing. *dimple* I admit it. I love shopping.

Just recently I came across a new shop called and they've got some pretty cute things at really great prices. I just got my first order from them which is coming in two shipments. Still waiting for my second shipment with baited breath. Here's a cute little Parisian Striped Crop Top that I couldn't resist. I also got some thigh high stockings (Can you believe that the last time I wore stockings was when I was eight? And I didn't like them very much either. Now, I think they're adorable!), a cute red plaid dress and in my second shipment a leather skirt and top with a heart cutout in the back. Pictures will be coming soon peeps!

Mail call!! We got some fabulous goodies in from #Klout and #PeopleVIP Along with some fabulous magazines from People we also got this wonderful little gift box with Hungry Girl Recipes Cards, a pretty Turquoise and Gold bracelet, a hot pink hair detangler, Zoya Nail Polish in Rue and some pretty green chevron cosmetic bags! #PeopleVIP

Just today we just got in a pretty little package from It's an organic tea blend 14 day TEAtox. I love the smell of tea!!! This tea is called Tiny Tea and it helps to reduce bloating, remove toxins, improve energy levels, & nudge away any surplus weight. Just tried my first cup today and it's not bad especially with a little honey in it! Be sure to check our blog when our review goes up.  #yourtea

Talking about shopping I splurged a little and got some pretty parcels coming soon to me from Fashionista Shop, Love Junkee and Forever 21. I have to be honest here beauty babes...I'm usually the sensible one. I NEVER splurge...but I just realized life is short and I need to splurge and shop more! giggle...

Music I'm currently listening to....Marina and the Diamonds. Just discovered this song EVOL and take it from me it's perfect for a cardio workout. It certainly made me jump up from my chair and dance around until I worked up a sweat. 

It's always nice to complimented, isn't it? I usually always get dressed up when I go out even if it's just grocery shopping and got complimented on my lovely Sabo Skirt dress below. *dimple* People should compliment each other more often. I think we'd be a lot happier if we did. *wink* 

Just a quick little it weird I feel so weird about posting selfies? lol... #obsessedwithselfies
That's the Plaid Dress I got from Wait till you see how cute the skirt part is...but that's for another post!! *wink*

Mwah!! So that was just a few things I did this past week....what did you do? Have a nice weekend beauties!! xoxo

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  1. You just made me crave for some shopping... And a frappuccino! When will Starbucks land in Italy?
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