♥ REVIEW: Corioliss, Tangle Teezer, and Bella & Bear ♥

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Can't the weekend last a little bit longer? I've been going through a sleep marathon and just don't want to stop but I did find some time to put together this sweet little post about some of the haircare items I've been using lately. I always get such lovely comments about how pretty my hair looks so thought why not share what tools I use with you to get my hair looking perfectly coiffed.   

I have been obsessed with this little Corioliss Vintage Hairdryer ever since I saw it a few years ago. I just couldn't get it out of my mind and I'm happy to say I finally got it! It's just the cutest thing ever!

It comes in such a pretty blue box with a little cutout so you can see the hairdryer and even comes with a blue travel bag. This is a travel hairdryer so it's smaller than a typical hairdryer. I like that it's smaller in size not only because I can take it with me when I travel but also because it doesn't strain my arm when I use it. The design is one of the reasons, if not the top reason, I wanted to get it. I mean, look at those pretty pink roses and the gorgeous blue color of it. I had to have it. I'm a sucker for roses. I even kept the packaging. It's too pretty to throw away. 

The dryer actually came all the way from London to me so one of the things you'll notice is that the plug is not US compatible. I purchased mine at LookFantastic.com or you can go straight to the Corioliss website. It has a UK Three Pin Plug. It can even work in Europe as well. I had to get an adapter so I could of course use it in the USA which wasn't a problem at all. I looked it up on Amazon and got one here for a very affordable $6. Worked great and blended in with the black plug on the hair dryer so you can't even tell you have an adapter on it.  

One thing to notice on the hair dryer is that you can change the voltage and if you're in the USA you want to make sure it's on 120 volts or you could pop a circuit. Thankfully, that never happened to me. It also has 2 heat settings; low and high. I'm totally in love with it and to keep it brand new I only use every once in awhile so it doesn't get banged up from too much use. If it ever does get banged up you can be sure I'll be getting another one. heehee... and to think they even have a flat iron in the same design!!! I'll be saving up for that pretty little gem. You can find the flat iron here at Urban Outfitters

Next up, are the two main brushes I use for my hair when styling. Let's talk about the Tangle Teezer! It's the hot pink brush below. I got this from an @influenster box and it's probably the one thing I got from Influenster that I use every single day. It NEVER fails to get the tangles out. I mean never! and my hair can get massive tangles. It is well worth the money to invest in one of these. I've used other brushes that claim they'll get the tangles out but I keep going back to the Tangle Teezer. It works. It's priced at $16 at Urban Oufitters and well worth the money. Plus, it's hot pink! What's not to love? And it's kind of indestructible. I've dropped mine twice and it even popped apart but I just snapped it back together and good as new.

My newest addition is this prettiest of them all "The Bear" paddle brush! It's from Bella and Bear and just about the prettiest little, or should I say big! brush I've ever seen. I think you know why I fell in love with it. The pretty roses and polka dot design that goes with my Corioliss Hair Dryer of course! When it comes to brushes I tend to lean towards paddle brushes because they smooth out my hair like no other. I really love the feel of this company and their packaging...cute, retro and fun! You can get the brush from Amazon here and I definitely recommend it. It's just so utterly feminine and adorable, makes my hair look fabulous and is sooo pretty on a vanity tabletop. What more could you ask for?! 

I know! How about a giveaway?!! *wink wink* Bella and Bear would LOVE to give someone else a chance to try their products out and so that's why we're working with them to put together this sweet giveaway for that gorgeous Bella and Bear The Bear Paddle Brush above! Yay!! All you have to do to enter is fill out the rafflecopter below with as many entries as you can before it's over. 
***Contest is only open to US residents.*** 

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  1. Tangle Teezer is my favorite, it's my go-to brush. Loving the Vintage Hair Dryer! So nice that the voltage is adjustable and it compliments your paddle brush so well.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thanks Gorgeous! I don't think I could live without my Tangle Teezer!! Mwah!

  2. This looks super, am happy you enjoyed it :) x

    1. It SO is! I've been wanting to get that hair dryer forever and I love that gorgeous Bella and Bear brush. I do so love pretty things. *wink*