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Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday. Again...but no worries we've got a lovely post to sweep away those Monday worries full of fashion and music. I don't know much about Selena Gomez but I do love her fashion sense and am quite obsessed with some of her songs like this one below....so sad and yet so beautiful."The Heart Wants What It Wants" ....but first a few shots of some of her gorgeous outfits I'm coveting...not to mention her gorgeous mane. *wink*

This photo shoot is just SO much fun and I love her outfits. 
You can see more photos like this up on instagram @adidasneolabel

Glam yet, casual! Love her hair in this photo. Can you tell I love straight hair much?
My own hair can be quite wavy and I spend quite a lot of time trying to tame it.

This pink dress has my name written all over it. This was at the Teen Choice Awards.
I love anything in that color and the cut of the dress is perfect for moi. *wink* Now, just to find it.

Glamorous much?! Loooooove.

Photoshoot for Elle. That...dress...is...gorgeous. Ya know, I want it.

This might be my favorite of all the outfits. Dolce & Gabbana.
The tropical vibe is killer and boy, would it go awesome with my blonde hair. #fashionobsessed
Plus, Tangerine seems to be on trend lately..though that never stops me from liking a particular style or color. I just kind of go with my heart on what I like and it usually happens to be on trend. #magic

I just love the geekiness of this photo. The plaid shirt and cute glasses. Geeks rule. Ha!

Now, on to the music babes. Enjoy!! And check back for more posts!
We'll be featuring our Suki Set and a gorgeous JORD Wood Ely Watch!!


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