REVIEW ♥ Smile Brilliant Whitening System ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hey pretties! How's your week going? Always hard at work in the beauty lab whipping out pretty potions for you. In between all that lovely work I've been trying out this at home teeth whitening product called Smile Brilliant. Everybody wants a really white sparkly smile right?! I mean, who doesn't want teeth that sparkle? *wink*

Now, I actually don't need my teeth whitened. They're pretty darn sparkly already.  I don't drink coffee that much except for an occasional Starbucks Frappuccino...remember that Venti I had awhile back... and I don't smoke so my teeth are stain free. I tend to just use a cinnamon flavored...yum!...teeth whitening toothpaste which works fine for me. In fact, I once had someone comment on how white my teeth were so I almost passed up the opportunity to review this little kit. Buuuut I had a friend who had been wanting to try out an at home whitening system so thought why not let them try it out and then you'll get a chance to see how this kit works.

First off, customer service from Smile Brilliant was extremely helpful. They even offered to talk to me on the phone to explain how to use their kit but I'm a pretty fast learner and didn't need to. Their kit consists of blue teeth molding trays, instruction guides, 3 sets of catalyst paste and base paste, three syringes of Desensitizing Gel and three syringes of whitening gel. You also get a blue prepaid mailer for sending in your teeth molds when you cast them in the molding paste. How awesome is that that you get custom trays for your teeth!!? 

So the first step is to mold your teeth so you can get custom plastic trays to use when you're whitening your teeth. It's pretty simple. Follow the instructions in your kit and mix together the catalyst and base paste. One will be blue and one will be white that you mix together to get a light blue paste. It'll be used to create a mold of your teeth both upper and lower to get custom shaped trays. You only need two sets but they give you a third if you mess up on one and if you happen to not get it right the first time Smile Brilliant will even send you some more until you get a perfectly molded set of upper and lower molds. I'm not going to lie it took me three have to work fast with the molding paste! 

Basically, you just put it into those little blue trays (They kind of look like mouth guards!) you see below and following your instructions mold them to your teeth. Don't do both the upper and the lower molds at the same time though as the molding base can harden quickly. You want to start with your upper and get it molded before starting on the lower set of teeth. You need to let them set and harden for 30 minutes, rinse off and then put in the little blue prepaid mailed they include in your kit to send to Smile Brilliant to create your custom trays. If your trays don't happen to mold perfectly, not to worry they'll let you know and send you some more catalyst and base paste to try again so they can get a good mold. Like I said really great customer service!

To the left on the bottom photos, you can see the plaster mold that they create with your impressions. The peeps at Smile Brilliant kindly sent this to me to show how much work goes into the preparation of your teeth trays. Customers who buy the kit don't actually get the plaster mold. The final product is to the right! Perfectly shaped to your teeth whitening trays. It usually takes a week to get them made up and sent to you so you can start the whitening process. 

Now, comes the whitening part! Just brush your teeth, open a syringe and put a thin line of whitening gel in your trays. Insert the trays on your teeth and leave in anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Rinse out your mouth, clean and dry trays and next apply a thin line of the desensitizing gel to your teeth trays. These you leave in for 5-15 minutes. Do not rinse out your mouth this time...just spit out any excess gel. Your saliva is necessary for the finalization of this process and remember don't eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after you do this. There you have it! Just repeat this process until you've used up all the gel. You get about 3 uses out of each syringe.

So that's about it. You can see the results below! The whitening gel was used in a duration of 30+ minutes each time it was used and my friend is pretty happy with the results! It should be said though that this whitening system helps remove stains...sometimes you might not always see an ultra white result but just the removal of the stains. I think it's a great product and if my teeth weren't already so white I'd be using this!! I mean, anything you can do at home in your cuddly pajamas instead of a dentists office...(Aren't they always just sooo darn iceberg chilly?!!) is a thumbs up for me. *dimple*



  1. This looks really good!! My teeth are terribly un-white, but a little whitening would do. This gave a great result!! Super review doll :) xx

    1. Thanks sweets..yep, I was pretty happy with the results!