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Monday, August 17, 2015

 Happy Monday! Last week just flew by, didn't it? Zeus, my kitten, has been keeping me on my tippy toes! I'm always wondering what he'll get into next! He just discovered how to jump up onto the kitchen table, the little stinker. He's growing up so fast. Whew! I feel like I haven't listened to a new song in forever and wouldn't you know it, Lana Del Rey just came out with a new one!! I am obsessed with it. It's been on repeat all weekend. I thought I'd share it with your peeps and get your Monday started on a lovely note with some inspiration and music!  Do you have a favorite LDR song? Right now I'm thinking it's this one for me. *wink* 

I'm off to work on some lovely orders for my peeps...hope your Monday is a gorgeous one!!! Feel free to stop by our fashion & beauty sites as well...there's always time to shop for some potions and pretty fashions!  *wink wink*

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