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Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Sunday all! I've been excitedly working away on editing these photos for another absolutely adorable Kawaii Box review. I was going to get this up on Friday but got a little delayed but Sunday is a great day to do a little review and giveaway don't ya think? I didn't think this box could get any cuter but I was is FREAKING cute.  I'm so obsessed with all things Kawaii and all the cuteness they have to offer. That's why I had to review another one of Kawaii Box's subscription boxes for you. This cuteness *has* to be shared! 

That's Antoinette my unicorn...(Yes, they exist and she has lavender hair!! heehee)! She's super excited about this Kawaii Box!! One thing that I noticed different in this box was that they had a list of everything in it that came in the box. That was extremely helpful because it can be kind of hard to know which is which since they're in another language. Good thinking Kawaii Box. :) 

Here's what came in this pretty box! 

1.) Cute Guys Stationary Set
2.) Kawaii Bean Mini Plush
3.) Hello Kitty Pen (My favorite!!)
4.) Alpaca Bag Charm
5.) Ice Cream Stickers (So stinkin' cute!!) 
6.) Korean Nail Art Set (Neat!)
7.) Smiling Poop Sharpner
8.) Strawberry Squishy Charm (Loved this!)
9.) Cute Animals Pill Box (Going to use this for candy!)
10.) Sushi Pluggy Charm
11.) Animal Sticky Notes
12.) Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy

Look at EVERYTHING that came in that sweet little box babes. It's just overflowing with Kawaii goodies

You can see the cute little Hello Kitty Pencil that came in it with the most adorable Hello Kitty Charm dangling from it. Pretty much my favorite item in the box and I've been using it all the time. It makes it so much fun writing things down. I don't think I've used pencils since my school days. Ha! 

That little blue box is the cutest pill box I've ever seen. Cupcakes, a cute little bear with a not so cute needle!! Eeek!...heehee.... since I don't have any pills to put in it it's perfect to put some candy in it! Next to it on the right is the Bean Mini Plush! Who knew you could make a bean super cute?! Closeup below of this cute little fellow. *wink*

Here's a closeup of the cute pill box.  And that's the Bling Bling Nail Art Set next to it! It didn't come with any nail glue so you'd have to get that, but SO cute! I love the nail designs. It came with a pink buffer, a wood pick, nail toppings shaped in hearts and stars in a rainbow of colors! 
Another view of the nail kit and next to it is the Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy. I haven't tried it yet but I can assure you there will probably be instagram pics!  DIY candy is so much fun. 

And look at this cutie pink alpaca bag charm! Freaking adorable. If that doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will. *smiles* It's the little things that make your life a happy one, right? Look at it's adorable pink bow!

Here we have the Sushi Pluggy Charm, the strawberry squishy...which is well...very squishy! I love it. Would look I using that word too much?! Nah!!!...on a strawberry purse and I just noticed for the first time that Alpaca's tail is shaped like a HEART! Awwww.....

I swear that faux chocolate on that strawberry squishy charm looks so real I'm tempted to take a bite! 

Okay, that's a poop shaped sharpener. Poop. Shaped.  *blink blink* Normally, I wouldn't be enamored with something like that but with the fact that I have a new kitten & I'm constantly cleaning up his poop in his litter box I found it pretty amusing that I would get this in my box. hahaha.... Besides, it's smiling. It's a happy poop and it's PINK. It'll definitely make you giggle!!

Now, we have the Cute Guys Stationary Set! Awww, man, the has a wee little bear on it. How could you not want it?! It comes with two yellow unsharpened pencils in the same design as the bear on the package. On it it says "Have a good time! Let's Smile! Look so happy." How sweet is that? It also comes with a mechanical click pencil, a circle sharpener, a white and yellow pill shaped eraser, two other pieces that  you put over your pencil..not sure what they're for. I guess just for decoration. 

Here's the animal sticky notes. Keep forgetting to get the milk? Jot down a quick reminder with your Hello Kitty Pencil on one of these cuties and stick to the fridge!  And finally, the cutest little stickers! I just want to stick them EVERYWHERE!! 

Eeek! Look at all the cuteness! There are cute little bubble bees, strawberries, pretzels, a bear in a cupcake!, Chocolate bars, Sushi rolls with sweet bunnies on them, a cute MOUSE in a green tea cup! What? What? OMG. I just died of cuteness overload.  

So, what did you think? If you want to get one, just check out their website!  Pretty darn affordable and it'll make you one happy babe or dude to get one in the mail. I know I am! 

Check back soon because we'll be doing a review of their sister site, Japan Candy Box!! Whoo! Yay!! 

Now, on to the giveaway! 
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  1. All of the items of this Kawaii box are really cute (I'm learning more about the style through your blog, Regina!), though I'll leave entries for the super-fans out there as I think they may appreciate the quirky, adorable items more than I would! Thumbs up to those stickers though, ah.. I have such a sticker obsession haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. All these items are so cute!!

  3. I always love Kawaii....really are sooOo Cute stuff! ♥

  4. Ooh, you got such lovely items! It seems to be me that they are upping their game with every new box. Each one is amazing and then each next one is even better, haha:)

  5. This is great! I like the retro style of your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Bry


  6. Thanks for the Giveaway! Fingers Crossed x