♥ Meet My New Kitties! ♥

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy October peeps!! This last month has been full of surprises with tons of exhausting work making lots and lots of pretty potions for some brand new stockists!! Yay!!! It's been overwhelming to say the least. Whew! I feel like I want a vacation but then I think about that next batch of orders and I get all excited! heehee... Along with all that going on and getting to eat pumpkin pie and eggnog...eeeeek...I LOVE October!!...an unexpected surprise entered my life...or I should day three surprises!  Bear with me here because there is going to be a lot of kitty photos on this post! A LOT! Ha! 

You all know I just got my first kitten or rather fate delivered him to my front door, my sweet little Zeus below. I've had him for about four months now and my goodness has he grown so BIG! Here is as a little baby (though he's still a baby to me right now at six months of age!!) He was SO SMALL!!! Awww....so cute and very spoiled!!  I can't believe he was that teeny tiny. *heart melts*

 Here he is taking his second bath!!! Look at that whittle face. 
He reminds me a little bit of Cary Grant, don't you think? It's the ears!! ...giggle... 
He's not too keen on baths but he doesn't necessarily hate them either. 
In fact, lately he's been very curious about the bathtub!

He's getting so BIG!!!!! in such a short amount of time too!!! Can't he stay a little baby forever pleeeeease?!  Ha! He's loves to do his little love dance (That's what I call it...other peeps call it kneading biscuits!) every night and boy, is he spoiled! I've been trying to find a new food for him but he is very picky...like his mommy! heehee....

I just recently got over a scare he gave me when he apparently became allergic to his food Nutro. It was awful!  Vomiting and diarrhea...I thought there was something really wrong but as it turns out it was his food because as soon as I took him off of it no more issues. Thank goodness!  but at the same time I feel so bad because he loved that food...he would wolf it down every time it was put out. 

 I'm having a hard time finding a food he loved as much as that one...and there aren't that many kitten foods out there. He seems to like the two new foods I got him...Wellness Core Kitten Food and Natural Balance Kitten Formula but not quite as much as Nutro. Oh, dear. 

So you know about little Zeus...what you don't know is that for the past month I've had NEW kittens..THREE new kittens!!!!  What a surprise!! I wasn't expecting to have these kittens but I've just fallen in love with them all. I guess we were all destined to be together! I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was when I got Zeus but now! four kitties all together! I would never have imagined it. 

  But it was love at first sight with all my sweet kitties. It's starting to make sense now why my family nicknamed me "Kitty!" when I was a wee baby myself!! hahahahaha....    Meet Herman...the little black and white cutie on the right and Princess Lily...my little French Fille (Girl!!) I've always wanted on the left!!! 

 And this is Princess Jane below! Isn't she a beauty? Her fur is SOO soft too and she's just a little doll baby!  Excuse the frizzy poufy hair in that photo...never use a cheap hair dryer peeps. Never! Ugh!! 

They're all brothers and sisters!!! Japanese Bobtails and I believe half Siamese to be exact! Apparently, Japanese Bobtails are very rare and have a long history going back to the 6th century!!! Who knew?!!  They're considered a lucky cat and to have one assures prosperity and happiness. They're pretty neat little kitties! And here I am obsessed with all things Japanese and these little kitties find me. Fate or what?!! 

Which reminds me when I got Zeus I researched his breed and did you know that orange tabbies are actually considered to be the original witches familiar cat?!! I always thought it was black cats but nope...orange tabby's!!  Bippity Boppity Boo!

Here's mommy and daddy...two strays I have been feeding! The handsome fellow on the left is Jack...I named him after Johnny Depp's character in the Pirates of the Caribbean because he loves to steal food from his ladylove and he's SUCH a sweetheart like Captain Jack Sparrow! So affectionate and his ladylove I call Daisy. I didn't even know she was a girl when I gave her that name. She's very aloof and not quite accustomed to people but when she sees Jack she lights up and bumps heads with him. They get all lovey dovey. Awww...When I gave her her name I just figured she looked like a girl and boy, was I right!  Apparently, they had kittens!!! 

So let me introduce you the first kitten I found, little Herman!!!  When I first found him he was sick...here's a photo I snapped of him below when I found him. Poor wee baby was SO tiny and really sick. He had that little eye patch of lord knows what on his eye and it was badly infected. I googled what to do to remove it and must have spent 40 minutes with a warm compress pressed up to his whittle eye to get it to come off.  I had to wash him and I'm not kidding he must have had 400 fleas on him and he was incredibly dirty!!! There were literally so many fleas they were jumping off of him. *sad face*

Of course, went directly to the vet where we got medicine and eye creme...expensive eye creme. Geez...more expensive than the medicine itself. Anyway, he was on his way to getting better and the vet thought he might have worms cause his little belly was SO round...but he didn't have any at all. I call him my little blueberry muffin because of that little belly! It's round like a blueberry!

Look at how tiny he was only a month ago!! The size of a teacup!! SOOOOOOO cute!! I have way too many nicknames for that love muffin. I call him Mr. Bitey Pants because he LOVES...I mean, really loves to bite and use his claws which seemed to be permanently out all the time. And they are SHARP!! Ouch! I also call him my little Bun Bun because his hind legs look like a rabbit as well as his little tail. Japanese Bobtail kitties have an itty bitty round tail which makes them look a lot like a bunny. He definitely takes after his mommy Daisy. He's soo cute when he bounces around...like a bunny!

 Here he is all better after his medicine!! Look at that little face!!! *heart melts*

And now here is just a week ago, my little butterball. He loves to eat and isn't picky at all like Zeus. Ha! He'll eat anything and everything! Herman has a never ending stomach. giggle... doesn't it look like he's smiling here? He's best buds with Zeus and loves to cuddle up to him on his bed when they're sleeping...ergo here he is in Zeus's bed. lol...

The second kitty I found was my little Princess Lily!!! I may have gotten her second but I actually saw her first. In fact, she was the first kitten to see me and of course hiss! haha...my little fierce princess. But ever since that moment when she hissed at me I felt a connection to her and she me too because every time she sees me she always purrs...every...single...time. Not even exaggerating a little bit.  And when she cries she sounds like a banshee!! I'm not kidding. Just like a banshee. 

I got my little French Fille all white kitten after all. I love her markings! She's all white except for a patch of black fur around her right eye, a little round patch of black fur on her back which if you ask me sometimes looks like a heart and her tail...her cute little crooked tail! It's just a wee bit crooked right in the middle and is the cutest thing when she plays with her ball. She'll twist it and turn it in the air to maneuver herself.  The way that she bounces and leaps reminds of those 1930 trapeze artists. Can't you just imagine her in a little glitter and sequined tutu with a sequined flower headband?!! 

Here's my little princess cleaning herself like proper royalty! giggle... Look at that sweet pink belly and her little black paws. She's my little flutter baby too..she actually flutters when she purrs! I've never heard a kitten flutter before. 

Here's Princess Jane!! This pretty sweetheart I just found this month. She's my little October kitty and doesn't she just have the coloring of a witchy poo cat. I could just see her with a little Witches Hat on her cute little head. I call her my little crybaby like that Melanie Martinez song, because she cries like a little crybaby. She's incredibly sweet. 

She's still getting used to being inside and is a little skittish but loves her brothers and sisters and has a sweet spot for Zeus. She loves to play with his tail!! 

Her fur is INCREDIBLY soft...like a mink coat!! How gorgeous is she?!!! 

Kitty Kisses!! I have to be careful with my lipstick or there would be red lip prints all over their head! I love giving kitty kisses!!  

Aren't they all adorable?!! I can't believe I have them all...I thought one cat was a handful...now, I've got four kitties to love and take care of but I wouldn't give them up for anything. Their personalities are soo darling and I love them all so much. I can't wait to Instagram more photos of them for you all to see. They make me smile every day. In fact, today I was sound asleep and woke up to find them all at the bottom of my bed surrounding my feet asleep. They love their mommy. *heart melts*  SO happy I finally got some time to put this blog post together so you all could meet them...I've been overwhelmed lately with taking care of them and holiday orders. Whew!  

Which reminds me we've got a special going on all October peeps!!  15% off all orders for the entire month!! Yay!!!! 
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Meow! Meow peeps!! Until the next blog post!! Have a beautiful Friday!!! 



  1. They are amazing!! I can't wait to see photos of them all the time!!

  2. Oh my goodness, so sweet! They are truly lovely. Years ago, we had a stray female that had two litters of kittens in the rafters of our roof. She'd move all of them but leave one behind which, of course, would fall into the wall of the house. Over about a year, we had to dig two kittens out of the walls. We kept both of them but, with the help of the neighbors, trapped the mama and got her fixed and let her go into the neighborhood again. Just FYI: They will possibly have two litters a year. They are so cute!! Thank-you for sharing them. :)

  3. They are all so beautiful! And little Princess Lily is marked so amazingly. I love her "eye make-up" on just one eye!! You're so special and sweet to take them all in and give them such a good home. But here's a tip - Momma and Daddy will continue to bring you lots of babies until they are fixed. Be prepared!

  4. Adorable, this make my heart melt!!
    ♡ Dulce

  5. Im so ..how do you say?
    I love when I see that there is still people who takes are of animals,you ve saved the cats, you love them , like me..
    I have now about 25 cats at home, I ve allready said to you:my husband is going to leave me!
    there is no place to him, with all the cats, the dogs, the birds, it s a zoo over here, fortunatelly ,I ve got enough space to take care f them..but no mre time for myself and the others!lol
    Anyway,thank you for all you do for these cats,my heart is full of happinness wwhen iread posts like this..
    FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom
    Hope you ll have some time to check my blog, you re so welcome!
    Have a fab friday !

  6. I want to pet and hug to death all of them!
    They are the epitome of adorableness ~~~

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*