REVIEW: Tony Moly ♥ Cat's Wink ♥

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hi Beauties! I've been busy in the land of beauty and potions but wanted to get this pretty little review up of this absolutely gorgeous Korean Cosmetic that I recently got!  I'm obsessed with ALL things kitty!! and all things Korean or Japanese so when I saw this cute little compact I had to get it. How utterly adorable is the packaging on this sweet little pressed powder compact? I took a few snaps with some of  my pink pretties I had laying around because I adore the color pink. It's a mystery to me why I don't have more pink clothing though. *scratches head* 

Look at those little paws!! Awww....It's just soooooo pretty. 
I do love pretty packaging. 

You'll see my very pink "Believe Impossible Things" Journal. I like to collect notebooks, journals and the such. The prettier the better! They're like little pieces of art to brighten up a room.  

My Barry M Lipstick which I love even though I got sent the wrong color! I had wanted a fuchsia pink but got sent a pink sparkle color from ASOS. I'm kind of glad they goofed and sent me the wrong color....because I love it!

This was a pink Salon Perfect nail polish that I thought was pink. It's actually a dark berry color which didn't really like on my nails so go figure...I won't be repurchasing it again either. Just didn't like the consistency of it. And my little Rilakumma Bear charm I got from Kawaii Box! He's SO Cute! Can't forget my PINK Hello Kitty Notepad. Perfect for little to do lists. Oh, and the little heart box with the pretty pink roses is actually little bubble bath petals!

Here's the cute Tony Moly Cats Wink compact with the plastic wrap off.  You can see it's whiskers!  

Inside is a compact mirror and a dainty little Puff to apply the powder with. 

Look! A little paw print in the powder!  Precious, right? 

The back of the Tony Moly Cats Wink Powder. 

So on to the review! I love the packaging and I love the product. It cost me about $6.50 I think. It's a pressed powder that comes in two colors...Clear Beige and Clear Skin which is the one I got since my skin tone is lighter. It says it  has a White Blossom Fragrance and helps to control sebum. I definitely notice it helps with my t-zone and the oiliness I sometimes get and makes my skin look very...creamy? It kind of makes me look like I have a glowy filter over my skin if you ask me. I like it. It makes my skin a tad bit lighter than it is but it looks great to me. I tend to wear tinted moisturizers so my skin stayed pretty moist and not dry but you might want to make sure to use a moisturizer as powders can be drying. I would most definitely recommend this to you beauties! Plus, it looks GORGEOUS on a vanity!

Hope you liked my little review and the sweet photos I took. *big smile*  I can not believe November is here already!  Time to start thinking about Turkey yummies, pumpkin pie (Well, to be honest I've already been thinking about PUMPKIN everything!), X-Mas Sales, holiday orders and more! Happy Pampering! xoxo



  1. Ahhh...all of these are just so cute!! I love products in the shape of animals and stuff like that. Marvellous, am happy you loved them doll :))) Happy weekend Xoxox

  2. Cute stuff. I love cat stuff too.

  3. I was thinking of repurchasing this the other day, I loved the packaging so !
    Too bad it was a bit too light for me? (the one I had gotten)

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*