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Friday, January 15, 2016

It's my Birthday coming up this weekend and all I wanna do is have fun & eat cake!! *throws confetti* So this Christmas I got a lot of pretty goodies under my darling little pink tree perfect for my birthday on January 16th! It's pretty cool how my birthday and Christmas are so close together...double the fun when it comes to cake, yummy foods and lots of prezzies or as much prezzies as my budget allows me to indulge on. Yes, I get myself presents...I deserve it! and I know I'll love it since I picked it out! *wink*  Really though, I never used to indulge in buying myself things like pretty clothing or shoes or jewelry.

I actually never used to be so fashion obsessed as I am today. It's hard to believe...I know! If you follow me up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you'll see first hand how obsessed I am with fashion. I used to hate buying clothing...loathed it actually but that pretty much changed when I finally figured out how to get healthier and lose 30 lbs that had been pestering me since I was a kid. Since that transformation...and yes, I feel like a different person now!!...I can't seem to stop myself when I see a cute outfit...it goes on my wishlist and I save up and snatch up that pretty. I'll be talking more about all that in a lingerie/review post coming soon so keep your peepers out for it but right now this post is all about the new purchases I got for my birthday which you'll see below. Who's ready to toss some confetti in the air and party?!! ...giggle...

Don't you just love selfies? I know some people think they're only for narcissistic people who can't get enough of themselves but selfies believe it or not actually helped me grow my self confidence about how I looked.  *wink wink* Plus, I love getting glamoured up and sharing it with all my friends who are around the world! It's fun to share what you love whether it's a new lip balm that you tried (I'm wearing my new Oh, Sugar Covergirl Lip Balm in this pic!) or a new outfit or girly jewelry.  What about you? What do you like about selfies? 

I plan on wearing this cute two piece set I got from Glitters for Dinner on my birthday...in fact, the whole ensemble is for my birthday!! How fabulous is it? The print is to die for and fits me like a glove. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it and it was on sale too...it was kismet! 

Always eat cake!! Cake is awesome. Yum. In fact, I'll be indulging in a LOT of Birthday Cake this month! 
Watch out for photos on my instagram

Triple the fun! This two piece set is soo well made...you can tell it's made with care and the quality is top notch. I'll definitely be shopping at  Glitters for Dinner again. The size I got is an XS and really fits perfectly. It's pretty much like a second skin....which could have been problematic since the fabric doesn't really stretch in this piece but thankfully, it fit me perfectly like it was made especially for me! I'm so happy it did fit because I did not want to return it. It's GORGEOUS!! 

You can see my pretty Heart & Pearl Necklace that I got for Christmas in this selfie/portrait. Isn't it so kawaii? It came all the way from Tokyo from a shop called 6% Doki Doki and it has a matching ring below. I think they just might be the prettiest pieces of jewelry I own. 

Love my nails? It's a cute little nail set I got that I think I might add to my shop. What do you think? You like?  :) 

Pink is always the answer! 
 I know this outfit has touches of pink in it but really I need more ultra bright hot pink and pastel pink pretties in my closet. #SayYesToPink


Last but not least! I LOVE anklet socks with little frills or pom poms and these girly pink socks I got from Top Shop are sooooo girly. They go together wonderfully with my Mary Rose Blue Bow Heels that also came all the way from Tokyo too just like my jewelry. Why, yes, I do love the fashion of Japan!  giggle... I hope to get the pink and white version and there's even a Houndstooth design!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! 

 Birthday Outfit Details  



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  1. Love the ring :)) I hope you had a marvellous birthday doll, you look amazing xx