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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh, boy! You are going to love this review beauties! So many delicious sweets, candies and even savory delights. Yummy!!  Look at all the delicious treats that came in my Japan Candy Box!! OMG. Seriously, so much drooling going on over here. Their candies over in Japan are so much more fun to eat...hahaha!! Japan Candy Box is actually a subscription box that you can get delivered to you every month for less than $20! You get anywhere from  8-10 candies, cookies, sweets, and even savory snacks too in each box. It's so much fun, peeps, you have to try these out. Look at all those goodies below!!! 

So the first thing I tried were these cute little round biscuits in the cutest little packaging...I mean, look at that sweet elephant.  Aww..... These are called Takeda Tamago Boro Egg Cookies and they are soooooo darn tasty. Sweet and crunchy...they kind of reminded me of animal crackers. I loved these a lot. 

Next up, were these Meiji Juice Gummies. Sweet little gummy candies shaped like a bunch of grapes...and that's what they tasted white grapes! I liked these. I have always love gummy candies.  

More cute packaging!  This cute little box had under the sea fishies, octopuses, sharks and more. Adorbs, yes? These are called Meiji Mini Candy Pack. They're little white candies...sweet and subtle. I think their flavor is Yoguret....Candy Coating with youghurt flavoured centres. I thought they were okay...not my favorite but I would definitely eat them!! 

OMG. These are freaking amazing!! Puccho Mango Chewy Candy. The flavor!! True, dreamy, fruity, juicy, mangos!! By far, one of my favorites in this Japan Candy Box. You kind of suck on it and chew a little bit and man, the flavor. I highly recommend these candies. SO GOOD. So...very...very...very good. ...giggle...

Strawberries. Yum. These little candies below tasted like yummy strawberries. Coris Strawberry Whistle Candy. Haha, apparently you can whistle with them by blowing through the hole. And yes, I tried it and they do whistle!! So neat! lol... You even get a FREE toy prize in the pack!!

Said toy prize was a cute little red hair brush. Aww.....

Okay, this one candy was the one I didn't like at all. The only item out of the entire box that I really did not like. Puccho Awawawa Ball Candy. There's a layer of hard candy, and at the center a soft and fresh soda flavored core that fizzes in your mouth. I didn't mind that part but the taste buds were not digging it. It was kind of sour but not sour...I don't know how to explain it. I just didn't like it.  *sad face* 

Koala Bears!!! Come on, how cute are these?!! Lotte Koala March Biscuits!!!! Little biscuits with different koala bears on each one filled with...CHOCOLATE. Oh, yeah, I loved these. 

Took a bite to show you what's on the inside.....CHOCOLATE!!! Mmmmm...... Two thumbs up!! 

I had my fingers crossed Pocky would be in my box and Yas!!! I got Pocky Panda Cookie Biscuits. OMG. My favorite. Yum...yum...yum...yum...yum! Chocolate flavored biscuits with a cream and cookie coating. Did I say yet that I loved these? I want more!!  Look at the cute panda packaging too. *dimple* 

Pocky Panda Cookie Biscuits for the win!! My tummy is happy when I'm eating Pocky!

All right peeps, these were my ULTIMATE favorite item out of the entire box. Holy Hannah, they are sooo good I will be ordering more. Bourbon Petit White Chocolate Stuffed Cookies. They're small itty bitty cookies but sooo delicious. 

If you're going to try anything out of this box, go for this one. You can't lose. Or the Pocky, just get both!!!

Last but not least we have a savory snack...the Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Takoyaki Set. I had photos showing you how I made these but somehow they got corrupted and I don't have them anymore. *sad pout* 

These are not sweet but a savory treat. You get little molds, mixing/measuring containers, & packets of powdered food. You start by mixing up this gummy paste which is made from octopus!! and mold it in the shapes of octopus tentacles! 

You actually get to mix up your own mayo and soy sauce by adding water to the packets provided. Then, you mix up this batter which is almost like a pancake batter or maybe I should say like a corn dog batter which it  kind of tasted like to me.  You have these little round molds that you pour some of the batter in, top with the octopus shaped gummy and put in the microwave for about a minute I think. It pops up and looks like a round little treat. 

Now, for the pour on some of the soy sauce which was sooo yummy by the way and then drizzle the mayo over just like you see in the picture below and pop a toothpick in one and nibble away. I really liked them! My first time eating octopus!! hahaha... You have to try these at least once peeps. It was so much fun to make. 

Wasn't that fun? I'm sure you're drooling on your computer screen right now, aren't you? Well, I can do something about about you enter for a chance to win one of these fun and yummy Japan Candy Boxes!!?!! Oh, yeah. Just enter below peeps. Open Internationally. *wink wink* Man, I love these boxes!




  1. Yum yum! Love your blog layout X

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those whistle candies, brings back so many great childhood memories; and also those little buns biscuits, so delicious!

  3. So fun getting to try new Candy that you can't get in your own country! x

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