Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year babes!! I hope your New Year is starting off wonderful. My New Year's seems to be having an 80's theme so far from my dress which reminds me of a shorter version of Elvira Hancock's dress in the movie "Scarface" played by the utterly gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer to the music I've been listening to lately. Go follow me up on Facebook to check that out. *wink*  I'm always listening to music and will inevitably post it up to my facebook and twitter. 

♫  Scarface Soundtrack 

I absolutely adore this dress from Tobi...from the brilliant red color to the gorgeous neckline, the delicate straps and don't you just love the flared out skirt?

I always keep my makeup simple with a vibrant pop of lipstick. This is our "Lover Boy" The Virgin Liquid Lipstick...a gorgeous blood red which you can get in my shop!!  Perfect for Valentine's coming up! Of course, I usually keep it simple because every time I attempt to do my eye makeup I look like a four year old did it. lol...Thank goodness, I'm obsessed with lipstick. *dimple*

I'm also wearing my StudioGear Prime Objective Primer and Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer...in LOVE with these two products!! That Nars Tinted Moisturizer really gives me an amazing glow to my skin and the primer...makes my skin look flawless! You can see my previous post where I reviewed both products & you can get a discount code on the Studio Gear Primer! Yay! *dimple*

Long pink sparkly nails to go with my red hot dress. I just love the pretty pink heart ring I accessorized my outfit with. It's soooo cute!! And my vintage inspired rhinestone bow necklace.

I made a little New Years treat...mini rainbow sugar cookies!! They were sooo good!!

My Nails. Pink. Sparkly. Glittery. Pure Loveliness. I used a pink pastel nail polish (I'm sure I'll be brainstorming how to mix up our own for our new nail polishes!)....and added a layer of our BRAND NEW!!! Margarita Bloom nail polishes in our Valentines Collection "The Lonely Hearts Club" in "The Daydreamer" a gorgeous sparkly iridescent holographic glitter nail polish. And then added some of our "Unicorn Tears" Iridescent Star Glitter on top finishing with a top coat or two of Seche Vite. Sparkle on babe.

                           💖 Outfit Details 💖

Dress: Tobi.com (similar dress)
Shoes: Boohoo.com (similar shoes)
Necklace: RocksBox (similar necklace)
Heart Ring: Just email me & I can get you a similar one!
Face Prime: Studio Gear Prime Objective Face Primer 
(see previous post for a discount code)

I just adore this outfit and think it would be lovely to wear on Valentines Day too! Here's to a magical New Year 2017 full of more pretty dresses, gorgeous shoes, happiness, hot tea, yummy food, good books, awesome hair days, even prettier nails, more and more glitter polish added to our brand (I think I might be obsessed and the color combinations are endless with our nail polish!!!!) more sunshine, and more pampering with our pretty potions. *wink wink* Love to you!! 




  1. Ah! You're SO gorgeous! I love the length of this dress and you couldn't have chosen a better colour to welcome the New Year in! :)


    1. Thanks Gabrielle! Haha, it's the only item I own that is red...I think I need more items in that color. Sooo pretty!

  2. That's a beautiful red dress! :)

    My first New Year post is up New Year in Burgundy

    Come & join my Giveaway Win $60GC Santa on Fictitious Fashion

    1. Merci! Sounds lovely...I'll definitely check it out. :)

  3. this dress looks stunning on you.. love the color!