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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We've been busy in the beauty lab and wanted to share some pretty photos with you babes! We just got in a shipment of the PRETTIEST French Pink Rosebuds ever. Holy Hannah, they're so gosh darn pretty & just perfect. They smell AMAZING and SO fragrant! We're going to be using them in our rose bath salt soaks, a I'm your Venus Love Potion Perfume Oil, this amazing body scrub below and more!

I wish you could smell these rosebuds! Heaven!

This is our "Blood of Thine Enemies" Sandalwood & Rose Body Scrub available in our "Witchy Things" Collection. It is absolute heaven to use! Made with Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood Powder for that bloody red color (wicked grin), rose buds and the most intoxicating sandalwood & rose scent. It'll leave your skin exfoliated, super smooth and so moisturized because of the butter used in it. 

Sandalwood Benefits: 
Skin softening effect making you have baby soft skin. Powerful antibacterial properties. Reduces itchiness,  inflammation, skin redness. Helps to clear skin.

Rose Benefits: 
An Astringent. Antimicrobial properties. Anti-inflammatory properties. Moisturizing. Promotes even skin tone. 

Cocoa Butter: 
Moisturizing and emollient. Helps relieve dry, sensitive skin. Rich in antioxidants that protects your skin from free radicals.

Plus, just look at the awesome packaging! You can get it in two sizes, 4 and 8 oz!
All you need to do is scoop some out of the container and put it in a small bowl. Make sure to seal the jar up good and store in a cool dry location. Take your bowl with your scrub in it & dampen your skin. Rub on gently to exfoliate & moisturize. Rinse with warm/hot water, using a sea sponge if you like or just your hands and pat dry. Your skin will be baby soft & smelling like you just bathed in the blood of thine enemies! Ha!!  

Go check out this decadent scrub babes and pamper yourself!! All our potions are handmade with tons of love & magic.

Just one more shot of those PINK Rosebuds!! in my pretty heart shaped bowl because I'm all about pretty things. *wink* They just make life a little bit brighter, don't you agree? One of the many reasons we created our line of beauty make your day brighter and happier. Happy Pampering!


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