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Thursday, June 15, 2017

So I have five kitties and I always want to pamper them soI was really exited when I came across the opportunity to try out Pet Magasin's newest product...a kitty cat hammock! It's sooo cute!! It's a bit of a DIY project but not anything I can't handle. *wink* Princess Lily was the first to inspect the box as soon as I opened it!

Curious kitties!! All you need is a screw driver to assemble this little hammock. It comes with all the screws and pieces of wood and the swing part of the hammock in the box.

"How can I help mom?"
Ever the helper my little Zeusy Bear inspects the instructions and screws.  

They just can't resist sitting in the box!! haha!!
Jane Austen too!

Yep, pretty easy. It took me like 30 minutes to put it together but that was because I accidentally put in a piece backwards and had to take it out and fix it. lol... It really has easy to understand instructions to DIY it together. 

Zeus getting curious about the swing part. haha, what a cutie pie!!

Here it is...all finished!! The kitties are inspecting it and sniffing galore. My kitties are just spoiled little babies, aren't they? Yes....Yes, they are. 

💞Look Jane Austen trying it out for a spin!! 💞

So what do you think? Stylish and adorable, right? Want to get one for yourself pretty peeps or should I say for your kitties? You can get 30% off using my code at Pet Magasin's website or Amazon! Yay!! Code: 5F2WSQO4  

Time to pamper your little love muffins!! 

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