Monday, July 10, 2017

This has to be the most comfortable dress ever! It's SO cute and I just adore gingham . I want EVERYTHING gingham!!!! I still have yet to get anything blue or baby pink gingham but when I find the right pieces I will!! #goals I wore this over the holiday weekend along with my gorgeous pineapple necklace and Mermaid Dreams PINK Holographic Seashell Purse! I love the back on this dress..it ties into a bow on the back! Adorable, right?

I got a little delivery as well with these PINK!!!! Tennis Shoes & Rose PINK hair brush. They're all so pretty...I just want to keep them forever & ever and never wear or use them so they stay brand new. haha.... 

Just being all sassy like I am wishing I had a better background to match my sassiness! *wink* Don't you just love the pearls on the handle of my seashell purse?!! It even comes in two other colors in my shop!!!!

Gingham Dress: Zaful
Mermaid Dreams Holographic Seashell Purse: Margarita Bloom
Pink Bracelet: Blippo
Pink Tennis Shoes: Forever 21
Pink Rose Hair Brush: Forever 21


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