REVIEW & GIVEAWAY ♥ BLIPPO SURPRISE BAG! All the cuteness!! I just can't!♥

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey Beauties!! Time for another ultra supa cute review & giveaway from Kawaii Box or actually this time it's from! They have a new Surprise Bag just brimming with amazingly adorable goodies.Let's take a peek at what came in this adorable bag. Even the bag is freaking cute!! It looks like a cross between a donut and a watermelon. I loves it. 

Look at all the stuff in this bag!!!! So much to ahhh & oooh over!!!

A watermelon purse and cute minty mermaid bracelet!! OMG!!!! 

Macarons and Cute Bears?! Oui!

Here's the cute watermelon coin purse! It's SO soft & fuzzy. 

The cutest bear spray bottle. I put some of my rose water in it. It's adorable.

A Macaron Luggge Tag. It's very soft made from silicone. ADORABLE!!!

OMG! I actually had my eye on this bracelet for awhile now...just hadn't gotten around to getting it. It's soooooooooooo pretty. Definitely one of my favorite pretties in this cute bag.

Fruit hair clips!! Really? I mean, how freaking cute are they?

A cute key chain shaped like a chocolate crepe! It even feels like a crepe if possible! haha! ...soft and squishy.

It's PINK chocolate! NOoooo...heehee....but a chocolate shaped compact.

Look what's inside! A comb and mirror. 

Another cute luggage tag with a pretty and pink lama on it. 
I love the colors, don't you?

Glasses with a cutie red bow. These don't have lenses in them.

Awww, a bear coin purse. Look at that face. 

Pink & White Pearl stickers! Sooo pretty. 
I might try and see if I can use these on my nails. 

Look at this cute cat plush!! So sweet.

This is pretty neat! A kawaii hand fan...which I definitely need what with its being SO freaking hot lately. 

A Pokemon Coin Purse! Cutie!! 

And finally, a squishy Oreo Cookie Key Chain. Isn't it all sooo sweet and kawaii? Want to win one for yourself enter our giveaway below or go ahead and just buy one for yourself here. It's only $16.50!! with the goodies being valued at over $40!! You have to get one for yourself or at least enter our giveaway. Good luck babes and dudes!!!