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Monday, August 20, 2018

I just received a wonderful product for my kitties called Pretty Litter and it is sooo awesome. My kitties and I both love it. ♥♥♥ First of all this is no ordinary litter. It actually helps to monitor your kitty's health! That's right peeps it can tell you if there might be something wrong with your kitty. I always worry about my sweet kitties and this is perfect to use in between vet visits and it actually gets delivered straight to your door so you don't have to go to the store and lug home all that litter especially if you have five kitties like I do. Let's get started with the unboxing!  

First impressions! What do you think kitties? They were very curious, especially my Zeus! He's the handsome orange tabby in the photo above. Everything was packed well and came with a little two sided card that explained how to use your Pretty Litter. One bag of Pretty Litter is good enough for one whole month for one cat. You have to make sure it's at a depth of 2 inches in their litter box so there isn't any stinky odor and may I say there was absolutely NO odor when my kitties used this! It was lovely. My nose thanks you Pretty Litter. 

 Princess Lily approves of Pretty Litter cause she's a Pretty Princess Kitty! ...giggle...

Here's the front of the info card explaining about proper depth of the Pretty Litter, getting your cat's approval just in case they might not take to it instantly like mine did and how to maximize odor control.

On the back it explains how it works! Basically, when your cat pees in the litter it will change color! Depending upon the color it will alert you to whether your kitty has any issues. Yellow/green means your kitty is normal, blue to dark green means high alkalinity in your kitty's pee, orange means abnormal alkalinity, and red means there was blood in their pee. Yikes!

Letting the kitties check out the bag of Pretty Litter! (Look at the kitties new STRAWBERRY KITTY BED!) 

 This is Herman. Isn't he adorable?!! He approves!  

All right, mom open up this bag of Pretty Litter! We want to use it!! Haha, okay, don't fight over it. There's plenty of it to go around sweet kitties. Zeus is in the corner, Jane Austen is that sweet little girl to the left and my beautiful black little vampire James is to the right.  

Here's Princess Lily checking out the Pretty Litter. It's a pretty white color speckled with PINK! So aesthetic. ♥♥♥ What I really love is that it's not toxic to my kitties. Pretty Litter has no fragrances, no dust, and is made from natural minerals. It doesn't clump but rather will absorb your kitties pee and odors. That's a thumb up from me peeps! The only down side is tracking but what litter doesn't have tracking? 

So you all want to know what happened once my kitties used the litter right? I'm happy to say they all tinkled normal kitties all around. What a relief!! Happy healthy kitties = a happy kitty mommy!
I'd definitely recommend Pretty Litter. It's kitty approved too! *wink* 

***I received several bags of Pretty Litter in exchange for an honest review. 
All opinions are my own! and my kitties! giggle... ***


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