HAUL ♥ Halloween Goodies!! ♥

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I've been neglecting my poor blog! I've just been so busy and when you wear as many hats as I do it can be overwhelming and Halloween was such a wonderful time with lots of spooky orders to fulfill. On top of that my camera decided to go kaput on me so I haven't had a good camera to take decent photos.Thankfully, i got some lovely pics of a Halloween haul I got from Home Goods! So spooky good!! I love these cute home wares with skulls and bats on them and those biscuit cookies were SO Good! I had to keep myself from eating the entire container in one sitting and look how cool the iridescent plate is!!! 

I finally found a new camera, an Olympus!, and should be getting it next week. I really hope this one turns out good. The last one I got I had to return cause of issues it was having. I'm excited to start taking more photos again and doing outfit posts and taking pics of all the exciting Christmas potions I have planned for the web shop! Yay! 

Leave me a comment below about what you think of my spooky finds below and if you have any Christmas scent or potion suggestions. I always love taking custom orders. I'm actually getting in a Grinch mold for soaps and bath bombs soon!! Yay! 



  1. So many wonderful pretties, I love them all!! I hope your new camera works brilliant for you!! Have a fantastic new week lovely xx

  2. All cute stuffs.. love it..

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  3. Such cute, spooky goodies!! I'm interested i that rose lemonade. I'm a huge fan of rose scents, I wish I could find a rose dusting powder with a fluffy puff!!