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Monday, November 30, 2020

 I hope you're all staying nice and safe. It's been a scary year to be sure. I've been keeping busy trying to make peeps happy with my beauty potions...just a little brightness and selfcare to bring some light to this dark time. While doing that, was kind enough to send me some of these ultra adorable face masks and I couldn't been happier to have them!! I don't go out much but when I do I always make sure I'm wearing a mask. 

There's so much controversy about wearing masks which I really don't get. It's a kindness to wear one, not only for other peeps but also for yourself. It's a really great way to cut back on spreading any germs you might have to someone else and vice versa. I kind of think of it like holding open a door for someone to help're helping other people by making sure you're not spreading any icky germs to them. Wearing is caring!! So please wear a mask and if you love kawaii cuteness and Little Twin Stars you HAVE to get these!! They're sooo stinking cute! I absolutely love them!! They're so soft and comfortable to wear and look cute with every outfit. 

You can find them here!!! 


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