Sunday, July 26, 2020

It's been awhile since I had time to post anything up here! It's been a pretty hectic and scary year as I'm sure everyone knows. It's quite an understatement. So I thought I'd post a little happiness up here for all of you. In times of stress, we need an outlet to release all of our anxiety and just focus on our selfcare, am I right? I've been quite apprehensive about going out to be honest, more so than usual so thrifting online it is! Here are a few vintage finds I've found recently. I may venture out....I sure do miss going to Home Goods! and I would love to see if they have any Halloweenie goodies out. I just can't find any cute blankets or throws online that I love at a good price like I can in that store. I know, I have a problem...I'm addicted to cute blankets! ha! 

Here's my newest My Little Pony.....Banana Sundae Pony. She's sooo cute! I love the color combo of the pale pastel pink and blue hair! 

I finally got my Enchanted Evening Barbie I've wanted! Her dress is SO pretty!! and has a little rosette at her hip! Oddly enough, she doesn't come with shoes! and with an evening gown. haha... I thought that was a little strange since my other Barbie is wearing a swimsuit....and does come with heels! 

My favorite fairytale has to be Sleeping Beauty and I had to have this cute little book when I saw it! It's just so darling! Here's a look inside!! 

There's are just a few of my newest finds! I actually have a pretty carousel horse music box I want to take photos of and some pretty new outfits, WOMAN'S DRESSES, I just got as well as a cute cherub vintage soap dish I just got at almost 50% off!! I'm really trying to fill my life with pretty things. I spent so much of my childhood not being able to get all the things I wanted, I want to try and make up for it even if I have to buy one thing at a time! I wish I was a millionaire and could just buy everything all at once but alas, I have a stinky budget I have to follow. sigh.... I hope you enjoyed all these dreamy finds and they made you smile today. Kisses!!!  



  1. Oh my gosh, that Barbie is SO stunning and I've been keeping my eye out for her as well! It's perfect, I'm so glad you were able to get her! <3

  2. That Barbie is gorgeous! Oh wow! Your pony is so adorable. I love your book too it's so sweet. Yes, this year is scary and I hope you and your kitties are doing well and staying safe. <3