Monday, February 3, 2020

Hiya pretty fleurs! So you know me, I'm obsessed with taking good care of my hair. It's been through a lot over the years, a bad perm when I was little, so much heat damage and lots and lots of products. My favorite hair product Hana Shine Serum got discontinued so I've been on the search for a new serum or other products that could deliver the same amazing results with very little success. I probably tried about 10 different products and none of them worked for me. I thought I'd try to search for the same ingredients and even came across a serum that very similar but in the end I couldn't stand the scent of it and it didn't work as well as my Hana Serum but funny story is I ended up getting a Amazon prime trial so I could save on shipping and then got a $10 credit from them just when my hair dryer broke and I needed to get a new one. Awesome, right?

I've never been really impressed with any of the hair dryers I've gotten in the past. They've either been too heavy to hold, didn't really get rid of my frizz (and I have A LOT!), or too hot so that it would make my hair crispy. I didn't really have high expectations when looking for a new one, let me tell ya! Of course, I love a pretty product and if it's pink and green I want it but sometimes when you get pretty aesthetics you don't get a good product and I'm happy to say with this new hair dryer I got it's pretty to look at and amazing to use too! I was definitely attracted to how cute this hair dryer looks and definitely needed something that would cut back on my frizz. This delivers all of that and more! Just think if I hadn't have gotten that hair serum which I can't even use...sigh...I never would have found this hair dryer! 

I've found my hair dryer for life. If this beauty ever breaks, I'm buying another one! It's super light weight so it doesn't hurt my arm holding it. The buttons are positioned perfectly so I don't accidentally switch one off or on. It's gorgeous!! It has a hot and warm setting as well as a high and low setting and it has a cool shot button. When I first used this I was blown away at how it tamed my frizz! I mean, like really tamed it!! and how shiny it got. I really love it. I can't even think of a con for it. The hair dryer by itself is almost as awesome as my Hana Shine Serum and that's saying a lot. 

Using the brand Bedhead also led me to a new shampoo Bedhead Urban Anti-dotes for damaged hair and ohhhh, my let me tell you I love the smell of this fizzy fruity ambrosia. It smells like something I would make for my shop.*warm smiles* It works great on my hair but can leave it a little stiff sometimes so I use the only conditioner that works for my hair Aussie Three Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner. It's the only one I can really use that doesn't over saturate my hair with moisture. Good stuff. I also use a clarifying shampoo every once in awhile to get rid of any extra buildup. So far it all seems to be working pretty good. I still miss my Hana Shine Serum...that stuff was ah-mazing. It never made my hair greasy but managed to make it super shiny and controlled my frizz like nothing else. These products below are great alternatives to it but I'm still going to be on the look out for a new frizz shine serum. Have you tried anything like that? Let me know. *wink* At any rate, I'd check out these pretties. I'm absolutely in love with this hair dryer. 

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  1. This looks fantastic, I don't think I've ever used these products before!! x