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Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas pretties!! I hope your day was spent amongst people you love, gobbling up copious amounts of delicious food and wearing pretty clothes. *wink* Today was a day of relaxing (even though I've still got loads of work to do for pretty Margarita Bloom orders!) A girl's got to have some time to herself especially for the holidays. *dimple* I didn't really do too much today. I did want to put together a little #ootd Christmas post which I think might be my first one if you don't include the lingerie reviews I've been doing that is. *wink*

I thought this dress was the perfect Christmas dress! Brilliant Christmas Red with festive white X-Mas Roses....and I got to use my new Samsung NX2000 camera!!  I think the photos turned out really great and didn't take me seven hours to get unlike my other old point and shoot camera. I'll be doing a review on my camera as well soon so keep your peepers out for it.

I've had this dress for awhile and actually got it from Rue21.  I knew I defintely wanted to wear our pretty new Black Velvet Bow Choker which was just the rainbow sprinkles on the ice cream if you ask me. So simple and pretty. You can't go wrong with velvet and bows. *wink* We'll be adding it to our Storenvy shop soon.

Dress: Rue21
Black Velvet Necklace: Margarita Bloom
Nails: FlashMob 
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild Dollhouse Pink

I pretty much spent the day making nummy food...drinking lots of hot chocolate (And making it from scratch!), admiring some of the Christmas pretties I got...heehee...though I have more on it's way to me! and listened to some X-Mas music which you can hear here on my YouTube playlist. My favorite one is "Louis Armstrong - 'Zat You, Santa Claus". It was pretty relaxing and non eventful. I even got to watch "White Christmas" my favorite holiday movie right up there with "Elf"

Ha! I have to admit I crave some more excitement than my holidays usually have and would love to go to New York and Paris for Christmas going ice skating and eating hot steamy Belgian Waffles with whipped creme from Food Vendors! What a dream!!! le sigh...

I also played with a new Nail Polish Box Set by #FlashMob called Urban Nails while rocking out to some new music by The Virgins called "Rich Girls" the Le Castle Vania Remix. 

Thank you Brandbacker and #FlashMob for this awesome Collab! I was SOOOO excited to review this product I can't even tell you. I've been wanting to try out #Flashmob for quite a while now. I came across the brand via another blogger's, Kayla Hadlington's, review of #Flashmobs pretty pink hair chalk. I just fell IN LOVE. ♥  I had wanted to try their hair chalk out but couldn't find a way to order them and have it shipped to the US. I was so bummed but then of course here I am anyway with this awesome collab a little bit later so yay! These nail polishes are just as fabulous as I thought they would be too. I decided to paint my nails in a festive Christmas green to go with my dress with lots and lots of glitter! Their Urban Nails Box Set included 3 pots of glitter in green, blue, and purple with four bottles of nail polish in white, pinky purple, blue, and a gorgeous green. 

The formulas are very nice! In fact, the white may be the best one I've tried so far. You can see it in the first photo on this post. The polish can be a little streaky as I found I needed at least four thin coats to get my nails opaque. I applied 4 coats of the blanc white polish so it would make the other color I chose "POP" and be more vivid. I then applied three coats of the green and on the last coat while the polish was still wet dipped it into the pot of glitter and voila! I love this brand....like SUPER love. I was quite surprised at how affordable they were too! At only $4.88 for this box set I was surprised at the awesome quality.

You can get your own here......in fact, I just did. #Flashmob Hair Chalk and lovely lip glosses are on their way to me right now! *wink wink*  Happy Holidays!!


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  1. I had a very Merry Christmas. Just as you described. Really enjoy your new blog! Great photos as well. You look great! Love your nails! Wish mine were that long. I'll share more of my Christmas on Facebook. Definitely with you on wanting to celebrate Christmas in another place, like Paris. That's also one of my dreams. For right now, I'll settle for the next best thing: enjoying my chocolate stash. Including a big container of assorted luxury chocolates from around the world. All individually wrapped! Just got those Christmas Eve. Also got assorted cookies covered in Belgian Chocolate. Yum! 💚